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GPM’s Ant Elimination & Prevention

With their potential to bite, sting and contaminate food, ants are more than just a nuisance. They can seriously jeopardize your business; compromising the safety and satisfaction of customers and family members, and potentially causing costly damage to your structures and properties.

Our Pest Elimination Service Specialists will rid your facility of ants. Our services are customized treatments to fit your pest elimination needs. From an inspection to detect where ants and crawling insects are entering your facility or home to complete elimination and a follow-up outline of corrective measures, your Service Specialist will work with you to rid the area of existing pests and protect against future infestations.

Our Ant services include:

  • Perimeter inspection to determine ant type and nest locations
  • Targeted bait applications in high activity areas
  • Liquid and granular perimeter treatments provide fast knockdown and create a long-lasting barrier against ants and other crawling insects
  • Outline of corrective measures to prevent future infestations
  • 100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed